The network ‘lab-on-a-chip technologies’ brings together scientific and industrial experts to develop cost-efficient miniaturized laboratories as...

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German lab magazine 'Laborjournal' was so kind to present us and our technology in their recent edition. Special thanks to Karin Hollricher for the...

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The 'CAN-Q' is the first commercially available product that gives you access to CAN-Spectroscopy. It is a compact bench-top device that fits in every lab. Design and development were guided by the idea "high-tech with Zen-like simplicity". For users it is as simple as plug and measure. The case is milled from aluminum, making it waterproof and easy-to-clean. 

The device consists of three components: The CAN-Q Chip contains one silicon-chip, on which cells are cultivated for measurements. One of these chips can be plugged into the CAN-Q Station, which then drives and reads out the chip. For evaluation of experiments, the CAN-Q Analyzer software is available.

For measurements one chip is placed at the level on the right. Pushing down the lever establishes an electric connection between chip and station. The station now drives and reads out the chip and makes a first processing of the data. A touch display allows the user to start and stop experiments or mark events such as adding a substance. Furthermore, experimental results can be monitored in real time right at the device. The measurement data is streamed to a computer via Ethernet. During a measurement, the station monitors and controls the temperature of the chip.