German lab magazine 'Laborjournal' was so kind to present us and our technology in their recent edition. Special thanks to Karin Hollricher for the...

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Venneos was invited by TechCrunch to pitch the CAN-Q on stage at CES2017 in LasVegas / USA. Watch the video of our short presentation on YouTube.

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EU Project ‘RAMP’

The EU Project ‘RAMP’ aims to create a new biohybrid architecture of coupled natural and artificial neurons endowed with plasticity properties. Communication between artificial and natural worlds will be established through nano- and microtransducers allowing direct electrical interfacing of a network of neurons in culture to an artificial microelectronics-based network. The biohybrid system will provide unique adaptive, self-organizing and evolving properties deriving from the fusion of natural and artificial neuronal elements into a new plastic entity and will represent a fundamental step towards the development of a novel brain-inspired computing architectures as well as ‘intelligent’ autonomous systems and prostheses.

Venneos is part of the consortium performing the 'RMAP' project. For further information, check the official website.