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German lab magazine 'Laborjournal' was so kind to present us and our technology in their recent edition. Special thanks to Karin Hollricher for the...

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Why Venneos

Why working at Venneos - ask our team members and find out what they like about working here. 

Jörg Rothe

After finishing my studies in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in 2008 at ETH Zurich, I joined the Bio Engineering Laboratory (ETH Zurich) of Prof. Hierlemann to pursue a PhD.

My focus of research was in using CMOS technology to build arrays of microelectrodes and sensing circuitry, to sense concentrations of biological relevant chemicals and monitor cells, using biosensors and electrochemical measurement techniques.

I joined Venneos in January 2015. Until now I was part of the team designing the ASIC, building hardware and programming the signal processing chain. The reason why I chose to work at Venneos was the exciting project, bridging the gap of CMOS technology and biological cells. In my opinion, this is the first time where those areas come together resulting in a product beneficial for a large market. At Venneos we have the opportunity to work not only in a single field of expertise, but in a broad area making it possible to expand the personal knowledge every day. The team at Venneos is highly skilled and motivated to bring the idea to reality.

Lisa Hölting

I studied Biology (B. Sc.) at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen and Biological Science (M. Sc.) at the University of Konstanz. During my PhD at the Doerenkamp-Zbinden Chair for in vitro toxicology and biomedicine at the University of Konstanz I used human pluripotent stem cells and their progeny to develop in vitro models for neurotoxicity testing.

In March 2016 I joined Venneos. Now, my part in the team is to organize the cell culture lab, characterizing, establishing and analyzing new assays and applications based on CAN spectroscopy. It’s fun to work in a highly motivated team of different professional backgrounds, bringing together ideas from the field of biology, electrical engineering and computer science and thereby contributing to a new approach for in vitro cell analysis, which might be beneficial for drug development and biomedical diagnostic.

Johannes Becker

My name is Johannes Becker,I'm 33 years old and studied chemistry in Würzburg where I obtained a diploma and PhD in theoretical chemistry.

During my PhD time I discovered my passion for programming and working for Venneos allows me to further pursue this passion in the field of biotechnology. Now I am working as a software engineer in the area of visualization and data analysis. My knowledge in chemistry and experience in programming are equally helpful for this job.

Working at Venneos is really enjoyable and motivating due to the very young and talented team, and the great working atmosphere. The interdisciplinary work grants a good look beyond one’s own nose and the flexible working hours allow for a comfortable work planning.

Christoph Axthelm

In 2014, I finished my studies of Mechatronic Engineering (University of Stuttgart) and Medical Engineering (University of Furtwangen). Then I started to work at Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in the field of laboratory automation.

Since summer 2016 I am a proud member of the Venneos team. I am responsible for managing all aspects of the production process, such as ensuring our high quality standards, communicating with our suppliers, programming test software, designing mechanical parts and documenting the production process.

What I like most at Venneos is the versatility of the tasks due to the small team and also the broad spectrum of the working fields ranging from the physical basics over engineering and production all the way up to biology. I enjoy working  with my highly motivated and highly qualified colleagues. I very much appreciate it to see our customers enjoying the new possibilities that our product provides.