Venneos' Advisory Board


The network ‘lab-on-a-chip technologies’ brings together scientific and industrial experts to develop cost-efficient miniaturized laboratories as...

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German lab magazine 'Laborjournal' was so kind to present us and our technology in their recent edition. Special thanks to Karin Hollricher for the...

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Dr. Manfred Baier

Dr. Manfred Baier has more than 30 years’ experience in the diagnostic industry, most recently as Head of Roche Applied Science. In addition, at Roche, he previously held several leadership positions, including General Manager for Sales and Head of various business areas. 

Today, Dr. Manfred Baier is a member of the Board of Directors or Advisory Board of numerous life science companies in Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

He holds a Diploma in chemistry and gained his PhD in biochemistry at the University of Stuttgart. 

Fabian v. Kuenheim

Fabian v. Kuenheim has more than 25 years’ experience in the software industry, most recently as CEO of Magirus AG. In addition, he previously held several positions as manager, entrepreneur, shareholder and advisory board member.

Today, Fabian v. Kuenheim is an active business angel and serves as board member or chairman of the board in a variety of startups.

He holds a Diploma in mechanical engineering from TU Munich, ETH Zurich and TU Clausthal.

Dr. Andreas Schmidt

Dr. Andreas Schmidt has more than 10 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in the life science industry, most recently as founder and CEO of AYOXXA. In addition, he served on the advisory board of the German Academic International Network (GAIN) heading the Transatlantic Entrepreneurship Network (TEN).

Today, Dr. Andreas Schmidt is a member of the AYOXXA Supervisory Board and among others Advisor to the National University of Singapore, the SMART Singapore-MIT Alliance of Research and Technology as well as several biotech and e-health companies in Asia, the US and Europe.

He holds a Diploma in biology and gained his PhD in immunology jointly from the University of Cologne and the University of California, Berkeley.